About our Teams

Front-End Team - Responsible for creating and maintaining the fests’ main and sub-websites. We also build and handle various event management portals and web applications like e-wallets.

App Development Team - The app team builds and deploys the apps, Android and iOS, to keep the fest experience smooth and hassle-free. We provide platforms for cashless payment, event registration, and everything that keeps the fest going.

Back-End Team - The backend team provides the server-side infrastructure behind every app/website for the fest. Right from registration of participants to managing wallet transactions, everything that involves servers is handled by us.

Video Team - The video team works with motion graphics, 3D modeling, animation, and editing software to create teasers, promos, trailers, and curtain raisers for the fests.

Design Team - The design team is responsible for creating website and mobile user interfaces for the fests. It is also responsible for creating the accompanying graphics.

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App Developers
Video Team
Design Team
Backend Developers