Flutter vs React Native. Which one should you choose?
by Prarabdh Garg
7th May 2020 * 5 min read
Thinking of developing a cross-platform app? Confused whether to choose React Native or Flutter? Which among the two would scale well? Which would deliver better performance? For answers to all these questions and many more, read this post!
How I Got Into Hardware and Why You Should Give It a Try
by Pradyumna Bang
30th July 2020 * 4 min read
I had been looking at problems from a very constrained point of view. Often, problems involved dealing with people or things physically – like sensing presence or providing venues for interaction. This led me into explore - what did it take to build devices that solve these problems?
Using Graphene to setup GraphQL queries with Django
by Anshal Shukla
8th June 2020 * 10 min read
If you're here, you know what GraphQL is. In this tutorial, you'll see how you can use it with Django to set up a schema and a single endpoint for all your data, using graphene and graphene_django.
Setting Up a Vim You Will Love To Use
by Tirth Jain
25th May 2020 * 11 min read
So with a little bit of effort you have crossed the Vim learning curve. You have gotten used to Vim but you are not able to get it to match the same level of productivity you get with something like VSCode. Well, the great thing about Vim is that it is highly customisable.
The Time Table Generator
by Nidheesh Jain & Uday Singla
31st Aug 2020 * 6 min read
The time-table fiasco is nothing new or particular to us. It is a problem that every student of BITS Pilani has faced at some time or the other, and especially as a fresher when there are just too many options and clashes.
Writing Git in Rust
by Tirth Jain
5th Jan 2020 * 6 min read
Git is an indispensable tool in every programmer's toolkit. Yet, most of us only know barely enough to make Git work. As part of the Codecrafters challenge, I took to writing an asynchronous implementation of the Git internals in Rust
How To Deploy Your Django App Using Docker
by Tirth Jain
30th April 2020 * 11 min read
Getting your Django app on the internet is - pardon my language - a pain in the ass. You need to daemonize your app with something like Supervisor, then you need to setup a production ready database, then you need to setup a web-server using the likes of Nginx or Apache